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Color Me Rad and Create a Home for Heroes Recap

Happy Wednesday!  It’s been a busy few days for me.  On Saturday a few friends and I ran in the Color Me Rad 5k to benefit the Special Olympics.


I have to admit, having colored corn starch hurled at you every five minutes or so certainly makes you forget you are running!  Since I didn’t train for this run, the corn starch distraction was the only thing keeping me going.  Unfortunately, I suffered from pain in both knees and ended up limping around all day Sunday and Monday.  Let this be a lesson: Do not run a 5k when you haven’t done more than sit at your desk for the past six months.


Since it’s Affordable Housing Awareness Week, on Monday I volunteered through HandsOn Richmond at the Create A Home for Heroes event along with Adam Pillsbury from Urban Built, realtor Shannon Milligan with RVA Home Team, and ADT security specialist Phil Daniel.  Here’s what went down:  Shannon Milligan from RVA Home Team tore down walls, and I, using a monster broom and shovel, cleaned up after her.  Look at the dumpsters we helped to fill.


Oh, and Adam let me throw a sink out of the window, which was my second favorite part of the day.  (The first was enjoying Krispy Kreme donuts provided for us by Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond who sponsored the event.)

Since we worked up such an appetite, Adam, Shannon, Phil, and I decided to break for lunch at The Hill Cafe in Church Hill.  The company and the food were amazing!  I highly recommend the grilled tuna sandwich and shoestring fries.  The only other place in Richmond I knew of with shoestring fries was Shula’s II, and it closed, unfortunately.  I will definitely be back for more.

In low rates and high rates!


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