Toddler Tuesday: Apps for Surviving a Cross Country Flight

I have a toddler.  We are flying from Richmond, Virginia, to Bend, Oregon, with her very soon, and I’m a little worried.  Okay.  I’m a lot worried.  Did I mentioned we are taking the red-eye on the way home?  My husband called to ask me if that was a good idea, but I was on the phone with a client and didn’t answer, so he just went ahead and booked it.  Thanks, babe!

Any who, I’ve been doing my research, and I am proud to bring to you the most amazing apps for your phone.  With these apps, my cross-country flight is going to be a breeze.  My toddler is going to sit in my lap the whole time without making a single peep.  She’s not going to try to run up and down the aisles or touch the bald man’s head in front of us or continuously lift the tray up and down and up and down.  These apps are that good.

So, without further ado, I present my top three toddler apps of the week in no particular order:

Peekaboo Barn

peekaboo barn

Description: The barn shakes and you can hear an animal sound. When your toddler touches the doors of the barn, they open up, the animal emerges, makes its sound, and then a cute little toddler voice says the animal’s name. The simplicity of this app is perfect, even for an 18 month old.

 Seek and Find

seek and find

Description: The picture above appears on your screen.  Almost everything your toddler touches becomes animated.  For example,  the elephants make noise and spray each other, the monkeys makes noise and jump around in the trees, the balloon pops, the little boy goes down the slide, etc..  There are three scenes to choose from with this app: a zoo, a forest, and a farm.  I thought my toddler might get bored with this one pretty quickly, but she played for over ten minutes and threw a tantrum when I took it away for bedtime.  This app can also be interactive for you and your toddler.  You can say, “Touch the giraffe” or “Tickle the monkeys.”  I know you can do that with a book, but it’s much more rewarding when you get to see the animation.

My A-Z

a to z

Description:  There are flash cards for every letter in the alphabet pre-programmed for you.  You also have the option to customize additional flash cards by 1) inserting your own picture and/or 2) recording your voice saying the letter and the word on the card.  Above is one of the cards I customized using a picture of our dog.  When my toddler touches the screen, she hears my voice saying “‘H’ is for Harvey.”  How cool is that?  I’ve also made mommy, daddy, family, and feet cards (I had a picture of my daughter’s feet in my phone because I had painted her toenails).  The possibilities are really endless with this app: take a picture of a favorite toy, your pet, his/her friend, favorite food, your house, grandparents…This app might even be more fun for parents to set up!

Peekaboo Barn and My A-Z are made by Night and Day Studios, and Seek and Find is made by Wonderkind.  Both developers have many more awesome apps to choose from.  Let me know what you think of them!

In low rates and high rates…


3 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday: Apps for Surviving a Cross Country Flight

  1. This is great, Whitney! Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to download My A-Z right now. I am trying to teach my 4 year old his letters. Also, we are going to Vegas soon (sans kids) and I told my husband no red eye! Good luck! 🙂

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