Toddler Tuesday: Bath Time

I’m truly a minimalist when it comes to toys.  I hate the clutter.  My daughter loves going to friends’ houses and enjoying their play kitchens, baby dolls, and talking creatures, but not at my house.  We do have some fun things going on in the bath, though.  I did a lot of online research in hopes of picking just the right toys, and I think my efforts paid off.  Here’s the breakdown of our bath accessories sure to please your toddler:

Stickers for the Tub: Farm Friends
By Alex Toys

bath toys3

These are a great buy.  At first my daughter just liked to move them around and take them on and off the bath tub and tiles.  Now that she’s talking, identifying animals, and making animal sounds, they are a great learning tool as well.  I can ask “Where’s the sheep?” and she loves searching for it and pointing it out.  Then I like to mix them all around and start all over again.  Stay tuned for the added bonus that comes with this toy.

By Boon

bath toys 4

These are another great hit.  My only complaint is that my 19 month old gets very frustrated when the suction wears out and they come off.  She was particularly grumpy last evening when the bubbles weren’t cooperative.  It went something like this:

Her: Bubble!  Bubble! 
bubble falls…she tries to put it back on…
bubble falls again…
she wags her finger at the bubble…
Me: Do you want Mommy to help?
she wags her finger at me…bubble falls
I try to help…
Wailing and gnashing of teeth…

Good gracious, kid!  I do believe, however, that the older she gets, the more fun these will be–she just needs to grow into them.  Here’s a tip on their use:  The little ones stick really well to the bath wall.  The larger ones are better off when stuck to a smaller bubble, not the bath wall.  Once we figured that out, we were both much happier.

Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net
By Boon

bath toys2

The picture says it all: you catch the floating “bugs” in the net.  We’ve had this for several months as well, but this month she’s really starting to grasp the concept.  Great for developing those fine motor skills.

Now for the added bonus that comes with your farm stickers.  Ta-dah! 

bath toys

It comes with this super neat net to hold all of the above toys with just a little cramming.  Unfortunately, our toys are usually all over the tub floor and rarely make it in the net, but we do have the option to store them away neatly.  If you have any fantastic bath toys, please share in the comment section!


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