Toddler Tuesday: Books We’re Reading

We’ve started a weekly ritual of going to the library one evening.  I was getting tired of the books on our shelf, and I desperately needed some new material to keep story time before bed alive.  The kid hadn’t complained, but I knew she was getting bored as well.


I’m finding that reading to my toddler is different from reading to her when she was a baby.  When she was younger and only crying, eating, sleeping, and drooling, we could read long books with full paragraphs on the pages.  Now that she started trying to turn the pages on her own before I can finish the words on them, we’re gravitating towards books with fewer words on the pages.  Once she’s a little older, we’ll return to the books with more words and more complex plotlines.

Here are a few of our recent favorites from the library:

gossiegoodnight moon

bear huntbabybellybutton

What great books for toddlers are you loving right now?  Our library trip is planned for later this week, so I would love any suggestions you have.


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