Toddler Tuesday: Pantry Play

On Saturday we had a lot of time on our hands and nothing to do, so here’s what I came up with.  I like to call it “Pantry Play.”

Step 1: Find a muffin pan or any sort of fun container and add some items from your pantry in assorted shapes, sizes, and textures.  I used rice, orzo, and quinoa.  I started with one item, and then slowly added new ones to lengthen the activity.


Step 2: Add fun kitchen gadgets, one at a time.


Step 3: When your toddler is no longer amused, dump it all on the tray very dramatically and model how to play with it on the tray.  Make sure you really make it look fun or your toddler will not buy it.


Unfortunately, we ran into that texture issue again.  I think it was the quinoa sticking to her hands.


Step 4: Bring in the clean-up crew in the event that your toddler got a little carried away.


Remember, the key is to add one new item every time your toddler starts to gets antsy.  This is the only way to prolong the activity more than 2-3 minutes.  I think I stretched it to 20 minutes, and, in toddler time, I count that as a success.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday: Pantry Play

  1. I used to let mine play with water. I would put a large hand towel on the counter and then bowls, spoons, cups, pitchers of different sizes on the towel and then add water to some of the containers. It normally made a little of a mess but easy to clean up and they loved pouring from one bowl or cup to another.

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