RVA Day Trip: Yorktown Beach

My friend Katy always comes up with great ideas for entertaining our toddlers.  I’d probably never leave the house some weekends if it wasn’t for her.  Last Saturday (just like almost every other Saturday) our husbands planned a golf outing, so we needed a good way to keep two 21 month olds entertained for about 6 hours.

Katy came up with the idea to go to Yorktown Beach.  After only a one hour drive down 64 East (luckily, we didn’t hit any traffic), we were there.  We lucked out again and found parking in the garage directly across the street from the beach.  Parking could be a problem, however, so be prepared.  We decided to use my stroller to cart one kid and a few of our bags to the beach.  (My little girl Darby earned the ride as she has recently taken to collapsing on the ground in protest anytime she has to hold my hand.)

We found a small, sandy beach just under the bridge that we shared with only one or two other families the entire afternoon.  (Later we learned the larger beach was just to the right of where we settled, but it was more crowded, so I think we chose the right spot.)  Here are a few pictures from the day:

yt10 yt9


We brought lots of snacks:


And, of course, our puddle jumpers.  This has been a life saver this summer.  My daughter can go anywhere in the water with hers on.


The funniest part of the day was when the girls decided they wanted to go “nigh-night.”


After beach time we walked down to the Riverwalk Restaurant for dinner.  After dinner we strolled around to explore the part of the beach we missed earlier.

yt5 yt4

I highly recommend this as a great summer day trip if you’re tired of the pool and are looking for an outing for the kids.  There were also a few cute shops, other restaurants, and a Ben and Jerry’s at Riverwalk Landing, so there’s something for everyone within walking distance of the beach.

Hope you have a great weekend!


One thought on “RVA Day Trip: Yorktown Beach

  1. My kids just did camp in Yorktown and my sister in law and I walked around this cute little area. I had no idea it existed until a few weeks ago. We also ate on the patio at the Riverwalk Restaurant. It was good! Looks like a fun day!

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