Sunday Spotlight: Mark Ogorchock with Liberty Mutual

Through a networking event, I recently met Mark Ogorchock with Liberty Mutual insurance.  As a loan officer, I often have the opportunity to introduce my clients to insurance agents, so I like to get to know as many as I can and make sure they are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and personable.  Mark is a stand-up guy who offers excellent customer service and the highest level of integrity to his clients.  He specializes in parents with teenages drivers, and with three daughters ranging from the ages of 16-20, he certainly has experience in that realm of insurance.  Take a few moment to meet Mark:


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Tell us a little bit about you.

I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but in an 8 year span I moved to Northern VA; Chesapeake, VA; Atlanta, GA; Mobile, AL; Charlotte, NC; and Richmond (actually Moseley). We have lived here 15 years and love it. I just celebrated 20 years of marriage and have 3 daughters and a granddaughter. My oldest, Casey, lives in Portsmouth, my middle daughter Courtney is headed to VA Tech this fall and my youngest, Carli, is 16 and attends Clover Hill High School. I was in the mortgage industry for over 20 years, but switched to the insurance industry 2 years ago. My wife is a respiratory therapist at Chippenham Hospital.

Why did I get into the insurance business?

I was burned out in the mortgage industry. I took my time considering my options and found that the insurance industry is similar in the sense that when you treat people right, they will take care of you. I can still be their trusted advisor and be an advocate for people when they need someone to fight for them.

Tell me about your philosophy…

It’s simple; treat people how you want to be treated. I like to slow down and get to know my clients and have a conversation. We swap experiences, both good and bad. I share favorite recipes, restaurants and golf courses. We argue football and our favorite teams. We become friends and they come to find out that I have their best interest at heart.

What separates you from the competition…

Easy, see my previous answer 

Who is my favorite sports team?

The Pittsburgh Steelers!

Do you have a website or Facebook page you would like to share?




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