We Survived…Another Cross Country Flight!



And this time was so much easier!  Flying with an 18 month old is pure torture, but flying with a 22 month old wasn’t so bad.  For our flight in May, I relied on several apps to get us through.  Now that my little one is watching movies and drawing up a storm, she was able to entertain herself so much better.  Here are some of the tricks I had up my sleeve this time:





I crammed a pencil case with post-its, Play-doh, crayons, and a pad of paper.


Once she was bored of that, it was on to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She wouldn’t wear the headphones I had brought along, so we had to keep the volume very, very low.


And, last but not least, the secret weapon.  I advise bringing 3x more than you think your toddler could ever possible consume.



I also invested in two more NIght and Day Studios apps: Stickers and Yummiloo.  Stickers was right on target for her age, but she still has a few more months until she will fully understand how Yummiloo works.  She still liked watching the intro video and playing around on it, though.

We arrived in Bend, Oregon, tired, but ready to take on the rest of the day.  On to my next point of the post:  When I tell people I’m going to Oregon, the looks on their faces make me think they picture my vacation to look something like this:


Stay tuned for a follow-up post with the highlights from our trip (where no one gets dysentery or breaks a limb).


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