I Decided To Dress Like a Man

Waking up in the morning and getting dressed for work are my two least favorite things.  Ladies, you know the deal.  Before you settle on an outfit, you’ve tried on about six or seven different combinations and they are now strewn across your bedroom.  Men have it so easy.  Have you ever watched a man select clothes for the work day?  It takes my husband less than 15 seconds because he has only two options: a suit, shirt, and tie or khakis and a button down.
To help simplify my mornings, I’ve started dressing like a man.  I only give myself two options.
Option 1: JMcLaughlin Emma Dress (The key is getting them on sale.)
Option 2: Sloan fit ankle length pant from BR (two colors on sale now!) and a loose blouse
Work Uniform
I currently own two of the dresses, the sloan pants in black, navy, and coral (two were bought on sale for 50% off), and 5 silky blouses, all from different stores (BR, Anthro, and Wardrobe).  I also own simple flats and pumps in both nude and black, so matching shoes is a breeze.
Happy weekend!

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