Instagram Tailgating: UVA vs. Oregon


UVA will soon kickoff against the number two team in the country, the University of Oregon, and I’m kicking myself for not figuring out a way to be there right now.  It is nice, though, to relax and tailgate in the comfort of my own home for a change.


Meats and Cheese.  You can tell a man planned this spread.  At least I was allowed to add the grapes.


We’re currently watching my husband’s team the Gators while my daughter naps, so I was able to browse around on Instagram and live vicariously through others’ posts.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Miss This Bridge!


Tailgating on the Lawn


Tailgating on Top of a Frat House.  Not Sure Which One.  Maybe DU?


Coach and Cavman!


Nice Spread and Tailgate Decor


Glad Some Students Are Still Dressing Up!


I hope we get to hear this song many times today!  I may spend my vacations in Oregon, but I am a Virginia girl at heart!


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