My New Website Focuses on the Client Experience

I’ve just rolled out an awesome new website powered by Lending Manager which is going to make buying your next home in Richmond VA a breeze.  Here are some of the features of the new site:

1) The site makes it easy to sign up for my monthly newsletter, apply online, or request a quick pre-approval.

1 resources

2) The new site includes a resource center with credit tips, mortgage calculators, a mortgage glossary, and guidance on avoiding common mistakes borrowers make when trying to secure a mortgage loan.

1 r2

3) The site allows you to upload financial documents required for your pre-approval or underwriting securely and keep them organized in your online portal’s checklist.

1 client portal

4) This is my favorite perk for borrower’s going through the loan process: You will receive a login and password to access your very own client portal at any time and check the status of your loan.  As you may recall from my previous post, these stages in the loan process must all be completed before you reach your final goal of buying your first home in Richmond VA (or second or third).

1 track loan progress

Make sure to ask your Richmond VA loan officer if he or she is able to offer you the best when it comes to secure document sharing, easy access to information about your file, and open communication regarding your loan’s progress towards final approval and closing.


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