The New Northside

Last Friday afternoon a client of mine closed on an adorable 1939 Cape Cod with 2 beds and 1 bath in a quaint Northside neighborhood.  With 10% down and a 15 year term, he ended up with a mortgage payment under $500 a month.

After closing, his realtor Sean Craft with Homes N’ Land took me on a tour of the Northside neighborhoods where many of our clients are purchasing.  On almost every street there was a home in the process of being renovated.  Sean says the Northside of Richmond is becoming more and more popular with young people buying their first homes:

“When most people think Northside they immediately think Bellevue, Ginter Park, Sherwood Park, and Laburnum Park.  What many don’t realize is that the same housing stock at more affordable prices can be found to the East of Chamberlayne Avenue.  The names of those neighborhoods trending hot right now are Barton Heights, Ginter Park Terrace, Battery Park, Battery Park Addition, Roland Park,  Highland Park, Parkland, Brightwood, and North Richmond Terrace.  These are all located in the 23222 zip code.

Having lived in three of these neighborhoods while renovating homes I purchased and sold there, I can say that it is a lovely place to live.  There is no better bang for the buck left in the city.  Large homes, leafy streets, porches, sidewalks and friendly neighbors.  In the last two years this neighborhood has again garnered the attention of those looking for historic homes close to it all.  I have recently sold six homes in these neighborhoods and every one of my clients is ecstatic that they purchased here.”

If you want a great visual of the neighborhoods Sean lists, the below map of the Northside can be found at North Richmond News.

1 aaa picture

To give you an idea of how much bang you can get for your buck, here are three houses listed for sale right now with an estimated monthly payment based on an FHA loan with a 30 year term.

2823 Hanes Ave – North Barton Heights

Estimated Mortgage Payment – $948

1 a picture

3129 Griffin Avenue – Brookland Park

Estimated Mortgage Payment – $702

1aa picture

2991 Garland Avenue – Northern Barton Heights

Estimated Mortgage Payment – $1,029

1 aa picture

A lot of the 20-somethings are buying these homes on their own and then renting out rooms to friends.  A colleague of mine currently rents from her friend in Roland Park:

“I didn’t know much about the Northside of Richmond before I moved there, but what drew my friend to the area was getting the most bang for her buck. The fact that her brother and sister-in-law had recently purchased their house only a few blocks away also had a large influence.  The location is great–it’s so easy to get downtown, to the Fan, or out to the West End.

I love having public tennis courts and a pool a short walk away. There are also great parks and beautiful quiet streets for biking. A lot of our friends from our church have bought houses in this area and I would definitely say this is an up-and-coming area for young professionals looking to purchase a first home. On our street, in particular, there are renovations taking place and houses that have already been renovated which leaves plenty of choices for a potential buyer. I am saving up to buy my own home and am already keeping my eye on real estate in this area. You really can’t ask for better prices.”

If you’re intersted in learning a little more about homes in the Northside, I recommend calling Sean or your Richmond realtor for a tour of the neighborhood.  Think outside of the Fan and use the money you’ll save on that monthly mortgage payment to travel or invest.


8 thoughts on “The New Northside

  1. Thank you for such an awesome article! My husband and I purchased a house on Hanes Ave. in April and this article is spot on. We LOVE living in Brooklyn Park and at times are overwhelmed by all the incredible things that are happening in our neighborhood and the area.

    I am confident that great things are happening and will continue to happen on the Northside.

  2. Thank you for this article! I purchased a home on 3rd Ave (the Southern Tip of Highland Park) in 2011. Like mentioned in the article, I too am in my 20’s and was looking for a bang for my buck. I will admit, it was a bit challenging at first getting accustomed to the “not so nice” things that were taking place in the area. However, I do believe this area is a diamond in the rough. I love my home and truly doubt I could find such a beauty elsewhere with the same low price. I believe this area is blooming and I am looking forward to a prosperous future for Highland Park.

    • Jessica, I’m glad you found my post and that you love your home and neighborhood in “The 22” (23222). I think these homes are the most beautiful in the city! I don’t think the bargains will be around for much longer as so many people are discovering your secret–and that’s great news for your home’s value.

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