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A Great Richmond Day Trip and Our Weekly Meal Plan

If you’re looking for an awesome day trip from Richmond VA during the months of November and December, I strongly recommend visiting Christmas Town at Busch Gardens.  I tend to try and stay as far away as possible from large crowds, but this was an experience for which making an exception was worth it.  Here are a few of our favorite things from the visit:

1) The Lights–Even if you don’t make it to one single show or on a ride, Christmas Town is still worth it. Grab a cup of hot chocolate when you arrive and take your time walking through the park.  It’s gorgeous!

2) Flight of Lights–Seeing the lights from up above is a must.  We rode the Flight of Lights from France to Germany.

Photo courtesy of

3) The Shows–We saw Gloria, Miracles, and caught the end of Deck the Halls.  Miracles (pictured above) was my favorite because of the dancing, but each one was great.  They are only 20-25 minutes long, so you still have plenty of time to enjoy the park and they aren’t too long for kids.


4) The Rides–We rode the Peppermint Twist (pictured above), Reindeer Run, Battering Ram.  If it wasn’t so cold and we weren’t running out of time, we would have ridden more.  There were no lines for any of the rides when we made it to that section of the park at 9 p.m.

bg bundle up

If you decide to go to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, make sure you dress warmly.  Most of your time will be spent outside.  Let me know if you are a seasoned Christmas Town guest and have any tips for our trip next year.

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Meal Plan Logo

Monday- Everyday Vegetable Soup Recipe with Grilled Cheese

Tuesday- Mediterranean Chicken Kebab Salad

Wednesday- Balsamic Marinated Skirt Steak with Tomato, Corn, and Avocado Salad

Thursday- Leftovers

Friday- Rigatoni with Chunky Vegetable Sauce

Items to Prep on Sunday:

  • Make soup in the crock pot (make extra to freeze for another week)
  • Marinate the chicken and skirt steak
  • Make chunky vegetable sauce (make extra to freeze for another week)

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