A New LOLA: The Best Kids Menu in Richmond


My first LOLA was awarded to Sugar Shack, the best donut shop in Richmond VA.  I wasn’t actively searching for the next LOLA recipient, but this past Sunday night it became very obvious who deserved it.

The Backstory

It all started when my husband and I took our daughter to the outside play area at the Willow Lawn Shopping Center on the corner of Broad Street and Willow Lawn Drive.  It was a rainy day, so I didn’t want to take her to a muddy playground.  The outdoor play area at Willow Lawn has a soft, padded play area, so without any puddle stomping, she was able to run and climb around for a little while.

Like a moth to the flame, my husband’s gaze quickly focused in across the parking lot on the newest grill/sports bar in town: American Tap Room.  I knew there was no going back.  Less than two hours later, we sat down with our good friends over dinner in front of a football game at ATR in RVA (I have a tendency to get carried away with acronyms).

Sizing Up the Best Kids Menu in RVA

For $5.95 kids get an entrée, side, and a dessert.  I was so impressed to see healthy options like salmon and a grilled chicken breast on the menu as well as seasonal vegetables as a side.  We opted for the burgers and fries.  I’d like to say we’ll probably try the salmon next time, but I have a feeling Darby will probably be in more of a chicken and waffles mood.

I selected the mini sundae for her dessert, but I’m thinking if she could read she might have gone for the dirt in a jar or cotton candy.  Yes, you read that right–cotton candy!  Yum!  Check out the full menu below.  They even have “taptails” for kids, which are in the same vein as a Shirley Temple, but a little more decadent.  Darby was driving, so I made her stick to water.

The Kids Menu

0 kids menu

The adult menu was really good, too.  You can check out the rest of the menus by following this link.

I’m anxious to go back one Sunday after church for brunch.  I’ve heard their buffet is yummy, and children under 5 are free with a purchase of an adult buffet.  If you know of any other great kid menus in RVA, let me know!


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