Eat / Play



Darby and I enjoyed the Richmond Symphony and the School of Richmond Ballet Ensembles’ performance of American in Paris.  This was a part of the Lollipops series, concerts for children and families.  The show was just an hour long, so it’s perfect for kids–and, you can always leave a little early if your kids get antsy.  Everyone there has kids, so no one’s judging.  The first half was just music and the second half was music and dance.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the dancing, but it was amazing!  Darby was literally dancing in the aisles.



There was a “petting zoo” beforehand with instruments.  It was very crowded, but we were able to make our way through for a few “pets.”

petting zoo

petting drums petting percussion

Darby was mesmerized by the clouds on the ceiling of Center Stage.


There is another Lollipops performance on March 15th of The Remarkable Farkle McBride.  Since there’s no dancing, I don’t think I will be taking Darby, but kids four or five and up would probably do fine for the performance.


Darby loves her magnatiles, a Christmas present from Santa.  We will be adding to her collection soon.  They are a little pricey, but worth every penny, and Mark and I enjoy them as much as she does.  Search #magnatiles on Instagram and see what people have built with them.  They are perfect for toddlers because they stick together so well.  I love them because they don’t take up much space.



Darby loves her pretend makeup, also a gift from Santa.  My friends keep asking me where I bought it, so I thought I would share.  It looks and feels very realistic without the mess.


Blue Apron

We loved two of the three Blue Apron meals we tried last week.  I think we’ll probably do this once or twice a month going forward.  You have the option to opt out of a week if you’re not crazy about the recipes they’ve selected for the week.  Search #blueapronmeals on Instagram or Facebook to see examples of the meals.  You literally need nothing but olive oil, salt, pepper, and your pots and pans.

blue apron


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