Meal Plan for the Week

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We’ve been spoiled by Blue Apron for the past month, so I took a break from the weekly meal planning.  Blue Apron meals are awesome because there’s no planning involved, but the actual meal preparation takes a little longer than I’m used to and I needed a break–it’s a lot of mincing and chopping and caramelizing.  Here’s what we’ll be eating this week.

Monday- Classic Wedge Salad with Skirt Steak and a Greek Yogurt Blue Cheese Dressing

Tuesday- Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce

Wednesday- Leftovers

Thursday- Buffalo Chicken Thighs with a Side Salad

Friday- Crispy Coconut Kale with Roasted Salmon

Prepare the bolognese sauce ahead of time on Sunday so that it’s ready for the week.


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