Active Rain Blogging Meet-Up

Today I was invited to speak at an Active Rain Meet-Up about blogging.   (Okay, so maybe I bribed the realtors with pizza to let me talk, but that’s neither here nor there.)  Active Rain is an online community for real estate professionals where we can ask, learn, and collaborate about real estate.  I’m new to the Active Rain community and still trying to figure it out, but I have been blogging for one year and three months so I was excited to share what I have learned.  I may not be an expert blogger yet, but I am certainly an expert blog reader, so that should count for something.  I even prefer reading blogs to television most nights–I’m that good at i…the reading part, I mean.

We met at Ledo’s Pizza in the Willow Lawn Shopping Center on Broad Street in the Near West End of Richmond. (And that sentence is to help get me some local SEO juice–see what I learned today?)  Shannon Milligan with the RVA Home Team planned the event.  Shannon is an experienced blogger and had great tips for the realtors, home inspector, and mortgage professionals who attended. .  You may have seen her around the internet:

Shannon's Headshot

There were twelve of us total, but only seven of us stayed around for a picture:

active rain meetup

And, yes, I am wearing my uniform.

Realtors present were Sheila Augustine, Tiffany Stevens, Jill Eades, Alyse Mosca, Kim Bergin, Michael Grider, Luissette Toro, Scidney Morris, and Shannon Murray.  I believe all of the agents except for Shannon Milligan are with Keller Williams in Richmond VA.  Shannon Milligan is with Jefferson Properties.  Jenn McMurdy of Capitol Home Inspections and Marco Lebron of Movement Mortgage were also in attendance.  I was reprsenting First Home Mortgage.

My Topic

I discussed my top ten most viewed blog posts and the lessons I’ve learned from their popularity.  Here’s a list of my top ten:

  1. The Letter of Explanation
  2. Home Page
  3. About
  4. Using a Lender Credit to Subsidize Closing Costs
  5. Sunday Spotlight– Realtor Meghan Dickey
  6. Donuts with Darby: She’s Two!
  7. Testimonials
  8. Using Income from Future Employment to Qualify for a New Mortgage
  9. The First LOLA: And the Winner Is…
  10. The New Northside

I kept it short and sweet as Donald Trump had reminded me on Twitter just the day before…

I learned so much today, and I cannot wait to put my new knowledge to action here at Loan Officer Lately!  If you’d like to learn more about real estate blogging, feel free to contact Shannon Milligan or me.  We’re happy to share what we’ve learned so far with you–as long as you’re buying the pizza.


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