LBD Salad and My Meal Plan for the Week

Do you ever find the perfect fish, chicken, or beef recipe on Pinterest and then have trouble coordinating a side with it?  Personally, I think it should be the duty of every food blogger to suggest a side or two to compliment their protein recipes, but sometimes they slack on us.  When I’m left to my own devices to accessorize my main dish, I usually gravitate towards a nice salad, and the one below is my favorite as it goes with almost anything.  That’s why I named it the LBD or Little Black Dress Salad: it is versatile and its flavors and ingredients are classic.

My husband’s aunts in California make this salad often when the family gets together, usually with pasta, but I find that it also goes well with a great protein.

LBD Salad
:: LBD (Little Black Dress) Salad ::
Mixed greens
Sliced carrots
Red onion thinly sliced
Cucumber sliced and quartered
Cubed avocado
Quartered cherry tomatoes
Diced red pepper
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper
Combine all ingredients but the last three in a large bowl.  Just prior to serving, drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste; toss; and enjoy!
Meal Plan Logo
My favorite meal from last week by far was the Heuvos ‘Ranch’eros with the Barbecue Chicken Pizza coming in a very close second.  Funny story about the pizza…I left it on the kitchen counter for my husband to have when he came home from work, and our chocolate lab ate the other half of it.  He has never eaten food off of our counter before, so it must have smelled really good!  My husband was not amused.

According to the forecast, it looks like things will warm up a bit around here next week so it’s time to do some grilling! Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Monday- Pureed Zucchini Soup with Little Black Dress Salad

Tuesday- Grilled Tuna Nicoise Salad

Wednesday- Leftovers

Thursday- Sriracha Glazed Chicken Skewers with Little Black Dress Salad

Friday-Greek Chicken Pitas with Cucumber & Dill Yogurt Dressing


One thought on “LBD Salad and My Meal Plan for the Week

  1. Yummy looking menu! I live in the RVA as well, enjoy reading your blog! Hopefully our nice weather is here to stay! 🙂

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