Spring Cleaning in RVA

The windows have been opened, the grass has been cut and the April showers have replenished the outdoors after a long harsh winter. Spring is in the air and it is time for some cleaning at my house, and that means I need a list or I will get overwhelmed—quickly! There is nothing more gratifying that being able to mark off items on a checklist. I found a great blog called Clean Mama with all sorts of cleaning and organizing tips. The checklists, like the one in the picture below, are available to print for free!

Spring Cleaning


Along with spring cleaning, I like to do some spring consolidating to get rid of those clothes and random items that no longer serve a purpose. All of my donations  go to Boaz & Ruth, a local faith-based organization that creates employment opportunities for individuals in their Rebuilding Lives Program. Members of their program were previously incarcerated and receive on­-the-job training, counseling, and life skills education to ensure they do not end up back in incarceration.  I always try to give back to smaller, local organization when I can and Boaz and Ruth is near and dear to my heart as I have recently joined their Ampersand Board.

If you live in Richmond VA, please check out Boaz and Ruth and consider supporting them by donating to them, shopping with them, or using one of their services:

Cathedral Construction (NEW!)



3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning in RVA

  1. To be honest, this is one of the better Spring cleaning checklists that I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing it. My wife and I can always use some extra checklists and tips because you know how Spring cleaning can be!

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