FHA Approved Condos in Richmond, Virginia

If you are looking for a condo in the Richmond VA real estate market and you need to use FHA financing, there are some great options out there.  You will want to start with looking at the list of FHA approved condos in Richmond VA on HUD’s website.  If the condo is approved, you are good to go.  If the condo’s approval has expired, your lender can assist with the re-certification process.

If you fall in love with a condo that is not approved, do not despair–your lender can again step in and assist you with the process of obtaining FHA condo approval.  You will need the blessing of the condo association or builder as they will need to provide HUD with the required documentation for review.  Once the documents are submitted to HUD, the decision can take up to 60 days, so make sure you start the process early.

Here are the condos in Richmond VA that are currently approved for FHA financing:

Benedictine Commons

For Sale- 3533 Hanover Avenue, Unit A, Richmond, VA 23221

Cabell Condominiums

Church Hill Gables

Mount Vernon

For Sale- 507 North Hamilton Street, Richmond, VA 23221

Porter Street Flats

The Nolde Bakery Condominiums

For Sale- 306 N 26th Street, Unit 225, Richmond, VA 232232

The Reserve

The Warsaw

For Sale- 1401 Floyd Avenue, Unit 209, Richmond, VA 23220

For Sale- 1457 Floyd Avenue, Unit 306, Richmond, VA 23220

Remember, if it’s on HUD’s list as expired, contact me to look into getting the condo re-certified.  Also, if the condo is not on the list, contact me and I am happy to do the research for you to see if HUD approval could be achieved.  We at First Home Mortgage are happy to guide you through the process of financing your Richmond VA condo purchase.


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