Own a Historic Sears and Roebuck Home in Hopewell, VA

In the 1920s and 1930s, the neighborhoods of Crescent Hills and Mansion Hills were developed in Hopewell, VA.  The homes were marketed to executives at DuPont, and many of the homes built were ordered straight from a Sears and Roebuck catalog.  According to, there are eight Sears and Roebuck homes in Crescent Hills, and one of them is for sale now (stay tuned)!  If you would like a little more information on the homes and neighborhoods, The Richmond Times Dispatch just wrote an article on these homes and how the city hopes they will help to attract tourists and new residents to the area.

I actually grew up in a Sears and Roebuck home, and I remember tour buses coming down my street when I was a little girl to look at my house.  I thought it was so bizarre.  Other than being old, my house seemed pretty ordinary to me.  However, as I have been in more and more houses, I realize the Sears and Roebuck homes do possess so much more character, charm, and history (in my humble opinion) than other homes.  Here are a few things I remember about the Sears and Roebuck home in which I grew up:

1) Built-in telephone stand in the hallway.

2) Ironing board cabinet in the kitchen

3) Coal chute opening to the basement

Lewiston Sears and Roebuck Model For Sale in Hopewell, VA

Tracy Ingram with Ingram & Associates in Hopewell, VA, has just listed 202 Crescent Avenue, Hopewell, VA 23860. This is the Lewiston Sears and Roebuck model home. The below flyer from the early 1900s includes the floor plan and description.  The mortgage payment was as low as $40 to $65 a month at the time based on home many rooms you opted to finish.

202 Crescent Avenue

Instead of siding, the Sears home in Hopewell that is currently for sale was built with brick and an English Tudor style on the front triangular section.  I love the half moon window on the front, the rounded front door, and the glass panes on the windows on the far right.

The home is definitely in need of some curb appeal, but I think there is amazing potential within its bones.  Call or email Tracy Ingram with Ingram and Associates at (804) 720-8508 to schedule a showing.  The seller will pay $5,000 in closing costs with an acceptable contract.



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