I am a wife, mom, loan officer, and Wahoo.





Since I write about mortgages, I have to include this stuff:

Contact Information:

4551 Cox Road, Suite 305 | Glen Allen, VA 23060

 First Heritage Mortgage – Whitney Watson – NMLS ID 938761
Equal Housing Lender.


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    • Paul, I don’t know the details, so I cannot advise. I would explain the story to your loan officer and he/she should be able to provide guidance. My tips are to keep it short and sweet.

  2. I have read your instructions on explaining deposits from venmo, and it’s what I’m trying to do to close a loan application. Unfortunately, Venmo has removed the “Transaction” tab, so there is no way to check your history of transactions, or trace the money. I know this violates the user agreement, and probably various laws too.

    At this point, I have no way to demonstrate where my money is coming from or confirm where my money went. I’ve contacted Venmo, but have not heard back.

    Any information you can provide is much appreciated.

    • Hi, Corey, sorry for the delayed response. I’m sure your loan is through underwriting by now. I was not aware this tab has been removed. There must be another way to show the source of deposits coming from Venmo.

  3. Hi,
    My husband and I are in the midst of escrow and our loan got sent to under writing ( we’re doing it through chase). He is the borrower and I’m the co-borrower. All the funds are in his bank account (we both have chase). I have overdrawn 10 times this year…I know it’s bad :/ my credit score is 750ish and my husbands is 705 (he’s never overdrawn). Our DTI ratio is around 20% on Fico but 9% monthly. What are the chances of us getting approved being that I have overdrawn fees?
    P.s were doing a 5% down 4.1 interest rate through conventional loan and we’re getting a condo.

    • Hi, Maria. If all of the funds are in his account, then they shouldn’t need your account. Talk to your loan officer about this. If they do need it for some reason, you will have to write a letter of explanation. With your scores, I don’t think it would be a deal breaker, but it is up to the underwriter’s discretion.

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