Homebuyer Tips

Here are some of my favorite and most popular posts geared to helping you prepare to buy a home and navigate the process with ease.  Please keep in mind that mortgage guidelines change frequently, so some of the older posts may not reflect the most current industry standards.  Please contact me with any questions.

Preparing Your Finances

Preparing to Buy a Home

Minimum Down Payment Requirements

Documents Required for a Mortgage Pre-approval

Raise Your Credit Score Before Starting Your House Hunt

Student Loans and Your Mortgage Pre-approval

Buying an Investment Property

Your New Car Could Shrink Your Future House Payment

Types of Home Loans

Have You Considered a 15 Year Mortgage?

The USDA Loan: Find Your Green Acres

FHA 101

Can I Have More Than One FHA Loan?

Fannie Mae Homepath Loans

VHDA: 100% Financing in Virginia

203(k) FHA Renovation Loan

Loan Process

The Loan Process

Preparing for the Closing Table

Moving Up: How to Sell Your Home (or Rent It) and Buy Another One

Seller Contributions Towards Closing Costs

Using a Lender Credit to Subsidize Closing Costs

Will Shopping for Interest Rates Lower My Credit Score?

Using a Margin Loan to Save Some Moola

To Interest Credit, or Not To Interest Credit: That Is the Question

The Letter of Explanation

Sourcing Deposits

The Next Step

If you found these tips helpful and are interested in getting pre-approved, contact me to get started.


2 thoughts on “Homebuyer Tips

  1. Can you explain all the new changes in purchasing a home. Recently going through buying and selling a home and it seems that since March ’15 there has been a lot of changes when applying for a mortgage. Paper trails, reimbursable bonus’ etc. I hear there is more changes coming in August ;\

    • Cindy, I could write books about the new changes in purchasing a home. Suffice it to say, be prepared to submit more documentation than you ever thought imaginable.

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