Ask Me a Question

If you have a question for me, email it to

If your question is “What Are Interest Rates Right Now?,” (I get this one a lot!) include the below information in the email:

• Is this for a purchase or refinance?
• In what county is the home located?
• Loan amount
• Estimated home value/sales price
• Will/do you occupy the home or is it a second, vacation, or investment property?
• Preferred loan program

• Conventional Conforming
• VA
• Jumbo/Non-Conforming

 • Estimate your credit score by choosing one of the ranges below:

• 740 or higher
• 700 – 739
• 680 – 699
• 640 – 679
• 620-640
• below 620

I’ll provide you with a current rate quote via email.  Keep in mind if you’re shopping rates with other loan officers, they fluctuate by the day, hour, and minute.


3 thoughts on “Ask Me a Question

  1. Hello Whitney,

    I have two properties and the one that I am in the process of refinancing does have HO insuracance but the one that i reside does not which I own free and clear . The underwriter now asks for LOX as to why I dont have HO Insurance on the said property. I dont know where to start.

  2. Whitney,
    I spoke to our lender today who states that we are preapproved (yay!!!) under the following conditions; that we defer my student loans for one year, and that we contact each credit reporting agency to have disuputes removed.
    My questions is this; when we have the disputes removed (they have been there for at least a year) will this lower my credit score? Also, is it usually a pretty simple, and fast, ordeal?

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